Governor Nathaniel’s Corner


Greetings my fellow Kiwanians and members of the great WVDistrict!!!! A lot has occurred since my last letter. We have another new club!!! I would like to extend my personal thanks to Past-Governor Rocco Cipriano for building a new club in Division 6, the Kiwanis Club of Blue Ridge West Virginia! Let’s all welcome them to the WV District! I will be attending their Charter Celebration at the end of this month. Also, with the help of the Eye of the Tiger Team Lead Kendra Skidmore, WV Formula Chair KellieLaraba, Regional Development Strategist Lanton Lee, Governor-Elect Sam Payne, Immediate Past Governor Ted Streit, Past Governor John Kyle, and President Irvin Scarberry of the East Huntington Club and I have spent the past couple of days going out into Barboursville recruiting new members for a new club there.These are exciting times for the WV District!! And my thanks to you, the members of this great District for allowing me to lead you on this journey this year as we grow this District so that we can continue to serve the children of the State of WV.  #WVKidsNeedKiwanis

Yours in Kiwanis Service,
Governor Nathaniel Kyle

  As the new Kiwanis year begins, I want to thank Immediate Past Governor Ted and his District board for the work they did this past year. They have every reason to be proud of the year that
they had and all the successes we had as a District, especially the opening of the first new club in four years in the District - the Vienna Club. I want to welcome them to the WV District and to Kiwanis International!! Now as we look ahead to the 2017-18 year, we still have a lot to do. Membership should always be at the front our minds as Kiwanians because as we all know, more hands = more service. Now with that being said, here are my Goals for the District in 17-18.

Build Seven New Kiwanis clubs- Like I stated above, more hands =more service, and the more clubs we have in this great District, the more children we can serve. Increase current club membership and help clubs retain current members with help from the District Formula team- I want to see current clubs grow, as well as build new ones, and the District Formula Team can help clubs do so. Whether that be by educating members, or by planning a Club Boost. We are here to help the clubs and we will do whatever we can do to help.

Continue to collect pledges for The Eliminate Project - We as Kiwanians have committed ourselves to this amazing effort, but the work is far from over. We still have a long way to go until we reach the finish line of the $110M, but with the continual generosity of Kiwanians, I know we can finish the work we started five years ago.

Continue to increase involvement with our Service Leadership Programs - K-Kids, Builders Club, Key Club, Circle K, and Aktion Club, and to in-crease sponsorship of those Programs- Members of those programs are the future of our amazing organization and we need to do whatever it takes to grow and mentor those you men and women to mold them into future Kiwanians. To quote International President Jim Rochford, “The SLP’s are the best thing Kiwanis does bar none” and I whole heartly agree with him.

HAVE KIWANIS FUN!! - We need to have fun with whatever it is we are doing and make ourselves visible to our communities so we can attract new members to join our clubs or perhaps build a new club.
One thing we all will hear a lot about over the next year is Formula 409. What that means is, 409 newsclubs throughout the world, making it the largest growth for Kiwanis in the Modern Era. Ladies and Gentlemen, my class of fellow Governors have committed ourselves to this and so have we, the members of the17-18 District Board. So I ask you as members of the WV District and Kiwanis International, and as humanbeings, will you join us as we grow our organization so we can help more children in our great State whoneed us now more than ever.   #WVKidsNeedKiwanis

Yours in Kiwanis Service,
Governor Nathaniel Kyle